You are capable.

Never give up.

Find your way.

Be positive.

Own hope.

Make art.


PYC Arts & Technology High School:

  • Is a Contract Alternative School with the Minneapolis Public Schools, serving up to185 students in North Minneapolis.
  • Offers a wealth of ways for students to earn credit toward graduation including online opportunities, seat-based plans and other creative options.
  • Is a trauma-informed, stress-responsive school.
  • Has about 35 staff members including 15 teachers, 5 student engagement team members, 3 social workers, 3 college and career planning staff members and a host of contract artists.

Come visit us!

For more information, please contact David Tarleton, Director of Education,
612-643-2025 or

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PYC Arts & Technology High School provides students with everything they need to succeed.

  • Teachers and staff who care about their students’ success.
  • Strategic college, career and life planning services.
  • Artists who spark their creative spirits.
  • A respectful and trusting school community.
  • Financial aid services.
  • A free, school-based health clinic.
  • Recording and video production studios.
  • Onstage performing and backstage training at the Capri Theater.
  • And more.