You don’t know my mother

by Amani Wilson

You don’t know her strips of fluorescence
Her indivisible pieces of beauty are a work of art
She throws her hands to my feet so I stand
Her massive history is why she watches me
She has eyes like a moon at night, blinding patches of waters
A gorgeous fragrance I remember for weeks
Luminous glow to her melanin
A smile unforgettable, her round cheeks
compliments her body
More than finer things she deserves everything
Gentle speak she sings a sound so sweet
Intriguing & stunning at every corner
Her existence why I’m here
She is all to me
you wouldn’t understand the love
She is all I am, where I’m from
It’s extraordinary magnificence
Beyond all negative

You don’t know my mother
No one to compare the strength
Never losing admiration for me
It’s more than mutual
I visualize you as a mural of marvelous miracles
A peaceful picture
topped with shimmer
golden star in my universe
She is the center of my relief
The home where it’s happy
I see past the scars in her eyes
Every breach to her light
Skin, outside appearance just an addition to her
Ravishing elegance within
Naturally she is amazing

You don’t know my mother
But I know her divine delight
To me, she’s everything

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