Why Attendance Matters

 by David Tarleton, Director of Education

As many of you know, your son or daughter’s attendance at PYC really does matter. You may have heard me or another educator say this. But why does attendance matter? If you look at the data there are some very direct links between school success and attendance.

Students who have attendance rates above 90%: 

  • Have greater rates of success in college or post-secondary training. 
  • Have an increased likelihood of being college-ready when they graduate, and don’t need to take remediation courses before they can start taking the college classes they want or need. 
  • Earn more credit and are much more likely to graduate on time. 
  • Have higher levels of job satisfaction once they enter the workforce.

For students who are chronically poor attenders (absent more than 10% of the time): 

  • Dropout rates increase dramatically. Just two years of poor attendance sees dropout rates surpassing 50%. 
  • Test scores are lower – especially in Reading and Mathematics. 
  • The achievement gap is more profound. 
  • Credit earning is lower and graduation is delayed – often by a year or more.

Our school-wide attendance rate for first hour was below 40% this past quarter. Please help us put the pieces in place to improve attendance and help ensure your son’s or daughter’s success. Encourage your child to come to school, on time, each and every day. (School starts at 8:00 a.m.)

We look forward to seeing your scholar in school, all day every day! Thank you. 

David Tarleton, 612-643-2025, dtarleton@pcyc-mpls.org.

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