PYC Arts and Technology HS: 2018-19 School Improvement Plan

Every school in Minneapolis Public Schools is required to develop, implement, and monitor a school improvement plan (SIP). The following plan sets the goals that our school community is working to achieve and identifies the specific strategies or activities that will help us reach those goals together. If you have questions or comments about our improvement plan, please reach out using our main telephone number listed below.


School Name: PYC Arts and Technology HS
School Number: 357
Grades Served: 9th Grade – 12th Grade
Principal: John Peterson
Phone: (612)643-2000
Fax: (612) 643-2079
Street Address: 2210 Oliver Ave N, Minneapolis, MN 55411

School staff involved in SIP planning or progress monitoring:
Michael Reynolds, Dean of Students
Crystal Ruiz, College and Career Manager
Melissa Knofczynski, Lead Social Worker
Kevin Scharber, Teacher
John Peterson, Director of Education

Other staff, families, or community members involved in SIP planning or progress monitoring:
All staff, School Staff
Sally Reynolds, Community Member
Anne Long, School Staff


Together, our school is working to achieve the following goals.

By 2019, the Four-year graduation ratefor All Studentswillincreasefrom 7.1%to 12.1%.

By May 2019, the Average percent daily attendancefor All Studentswillincreasefrom 68%to 78%.

By 2019, the Post-Secondary Placement Ratesfor All Studentswill increasefrom 43%to 53%.


To reach our school improvement goals, we will utilize the following evidence-based strategies.

Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS)

Description: MTSS is a comprehensive, evidence-based prevention framework. Within MTSS, multiple levels of support are provided to support the academic, social, emotional, and behavioral development of all students. Through it, all students are giving access to inclusive and equitable educational practices that minimize opportunity gaps.

We have selected this strategy for the following reasons: We believe that MTSS will help us achieve all of our goals when it comes to the SIP. For attendance, graduation, and post-secondary options are all important aspects of a student’s life in school, and MTSS will assist us in looking at all aspects of our students academic world while at PYC.

Focus for 2018-19: This school year, we will focus on establishing a common understanding of MTSS across all staff, setting up necessary infrastructure, and then engaging in effective, data-driven instructional cycles to improve teaching and learning across all content areas and grade levels.


Throughout the year, teams of administrators, teacher leaders, and other staff will track how we’re doing with putting our school improvement strategies into place to improve student outcomes and achieve equity.

We will use best practices from implementation science to ensure we’re successfully completing each step of the installation and implementation process. As we work through this process with each of our strategies, we’ll set a goal for what successful implementation looks like, and we’ll make sure we’re giving staff the training, resources, and support they need to meet that goal. We’ll check in on a regular basis with whether we’re meeting those goals and will communicate out our progress to our staff and larger school community.

At the end of the year, we’ll complete an Annual Evaluation to reflect on how we did with implementing our school improvement strategies, which will include looking at student outcome data to see if we’re making progress toward achieving our school improvement goals.

If we determine that our school improvement strategies or improvement process is not helping us make progress toward our goals, we will work with our stakeholders to change course, because we are always striving to make sure that every student in our school is successful.