PYC Student Amani Wilson is Honored for Poetry Writing

Two poems by 10th grade PYC student Amani Wilson received Honorable Mention in the 2019 Scholastic Art and Writing Awards, Minnesota Region. Over 340,000 pieces of writing and works of art were submitted this year, and this was Amani’s first year as a contestant.

PYC’s intern from the U of M, Lydia Hollan, helped Amani choose among her poems and enter them for consideration.

This is a wonderful achievement. Congratulations, Amani!

Here are her two winning poems.


My Grandma,
You Beauty

by Amani Wilson

I say to her:
I will reach all sides of this torn up valley
Even the ridged sides that bruise my happy
Burned bridges inevitably surround me
Profound thoughts, given to me say, “keep me”
In the morning dark shadows long to be leaked
Remain tall
I believe they will release me
But even my heroes spark beatings so beautifully
I’m not afraid to let love consume me—
so I’m in love with a dangerous dwelling, telling me, “love me”
Scavenge revenge on my souls dark takings
Why must I stand here?

Grandma says to me:
Carry a picture in a frame of power
Never will it fall
feelings off, too often
Seasons change for the better
though the control isn’t yours
let it
Explore crime until you get it
Inevitable blessings are pains with a message
Release secrets
Bury passages of dwellings
be free, let your petals spread
there’s no escaping the dark— only way is to chest it
use that pain,
sing it
Spark flames, they are destined
Suit up your love for yourself or never know
Pick up the roses where your garden grow

My grandma, you beauty

You don’t know
my mother

by Amani Wilson

You don’t know her strips of fluorescence

Her indivisible pieces of beauty are a work of art
She throws her hands to my feet so I stand

Her massive history is why she watches me

She has eyes like a moon at night, blinding patches of waters

A gorgeous fragrance I remember for weeks

Luminous glow to her melanin
A smile unforgettable, her round cheeks

compliments her body

More than finer things she deserves everything
Gentle speak she sings a sound so sweet

Intriguing & stunning at every corner

Her existence why I’m here
She is all to me
you wouldn’t understand the love

She is all I am, where I’m from

It’s extraordinary magnificence

Beyond all negative

You don’t know my mother
No one to compare the strength
Never losing admiration for me
It’s more than mutual
I visualize you as a mural of marvelous miracles
A peaceful picture
topped with shimmer
golden star in my universe
She is the center of my relief
The home where it’s happy
I see past the scars in her eyes
Every breach to her light
Skin, outside appearance just an addition to her
Ravishing elegance within
Naturally she is amazing

You don’t know my mother

But I know her divine delight

To me, she’s everything

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