PYC Parent Compact

PYC Arts & Technology Alternative High School is a place where staff, students, families and community come together to help all students reach their full potential in a positive, safe learning environment. As partners we agree to the following:

As a school we agree to:

• Welcome students and parents.
• Maintain a positive and safe learning environment.
• Provide opportunities for staff development, to promote and improve student achievement.
• Work to ensure two-way communication between family and school.
• Explain expectations, curriculum, and assessments to student’s progress.
• Remain competent and current in curriculum and instructional expertise.

As a parent/guardian I agree to:

• Support my child’s academic commitment.
• Encourage my child to read.
• Send my child to school each day on time.
• Communicate my child’s needs to his/her teachers or support staff.

As a student I agree to:

• Come to school prepared to learn.
• Participate in my education.
• Be respectful toward others and school property.
• Respect the learning process for myself and others.
• Believe that “I Can and Will Learn!”

Download the PYC Parent Compact form