PCYC Management Team

ALong Anne Long, Executive Director
612-643-2053 along@pcyc-mpls.org
David Tarleton, Director of Education
612-643-2025 dtarleton@pcyc-mpls.org
MDowny Mark Downey, Director of Business Administration
612-643-2082  mdowney@pcyc-mpls.org
Jaleeza Smith-Breedlove, Interim Program Director
612-643-2096  Jsmith-breedlove@pcyc-mpls.org
JScott James Scott, Director of the Capri Theater
612-643-2024  jscott@pcyc-mpls.org
Janet Zahn, Communications Director
612-643-2058  jzahn@pcyc-mpls.org
Debra deNoyelles, Development Director
612-643-2042  DdeNoyelles@pcyc-mpls.org