Jaleeza Smith-Breedlove is Interim Program Director for OST

by Janet Zahn, PCYC/Capri Director of Communications

Jaleeza Smith-Breedlove is a lifelong resident of North Minneapolis who grew up watching the women in her family work together for the betterment of students and families across the Northside. She joined PCYC’s Out-of-School-Time (OST) team in April of 2017 as Program Manager. 

Smith-Breedlove’s innate talent for social work, combined with her Master’s Degree in Social Work with a specialty in Program Development from Augsburg College, make her a natural fit for leading PCYC’s OST program. “I really like seeing how the kids grow,” she said. “One of our scholars, who was a kindergartener when I started, is now in the third grade. I have enjoyed seeing how she has progressed over the years, and I’ve been able to share many happy moments with her.”

“I live by the words, ‘Every child needs one adult who is outrageously, ridiculously happy for them.’ I am over-the-top happy for our scholars, for even the little bitty things they accomplish. It annoys them, but they love it.” 

OST provides academic enrichment activities in reading, math, and social-emotional learning as well as other learning opportunities in art and science. This fall the program is serving 70 kindergarten through 5th grade scholars who came to PCYC primarily from the Northside Achievement Zone (NAZ). Enrollment is currently open for all students in grades K-5. Interested families can contact Jaleeza directly at jsmith-breedlove@pcyc-mpls.org or 612-643-2096.

Smith-Breedlove and her team are recruiting volunteers for the program, too. “If anyone has a passion for children, or hobbies to share, we’re the place for you.” Interested volunteers should contact Megan Fair, mfair@pcyc-mpls.org or 612-643-2092.

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