HELLO Families!

We are so looking forward to having your students back in school!

The PYC Health Center/ Northside Teen Clinic is expanding our hours when school opens up on 4/12

  • PYC Health Center:  Mon – Thursday  12 – 3 pm  for all PYC students
  • Northside Teen Clinic:  Mon – Thurs   3 – 6 pm  for all community teens up to age 21yrs.

Please have your student stop by for anyone of the following:

Physicals, Sports Physicals, Immunizations, STI testing, and Family Planning.

Don’t forget. . . one of the MOST important things you can do for your own health, your family’s health, and to keep our community safe is to get a COVID shot whenever you are able and eligible.  The vaccines are safe and effective and have been given to over 1 million people in Minnesota alone.  No one has had serious side effects and only 0.01% have gotten COVID again following vaccination.  That is a darn good vaccination.

NorthPoint has vaccinations  (and the following people can get them now –this needs to wait til you are close to publication as this information changes daily). 

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