2018-19 Family Involvement Plan

We need the help of our families to reach our school goals for student success and achievement. Below is our plan for how we’ll meaningfully engage families in equitable and accessible ways during the 2018-19 school year. There are specific goals we’ll work to achieve and ways we plan to achieve each goal listed below.

This plan was developed in partnership with families and approved on August 20, 2018.

Please reach out to John Peterson, Director of Education, at jpeterson@pcyc-mpls.org if you have questions about the opportunities below or want to provide feedback on this plan.

All families feel welcome in our school and have equal access to opportunities to be involved in their students’ education.
  • Host community-building and cultural events.
  • Notify all families of how to get involved in the events listed on this plan, how to access school staff, and how they can volunteer, through our in-take process, phone calls home, and periodic mailings.
  • Accommodate all families.
All families are informed of the steps our school is taking to improve student outcomes and achieve equity.
  • Host our annual State of the Schools (Title I Night) on October 16 from 5:00 – 7:00, which will:
    • Inform families of the requirements and benefits of being a Title I School.
    • Inform families of their right to be involved in Title I programming.
    • Inform families about state standards, our school’s curriculum, and the assessments their students will take this year.
    • Give families an overview of the goals and strategies in our School Improvement Plan (SIP).
  • Post a family friendly version of our School Improvement Plan (SIP) on our website.
  • Send a letter home letting families know if we are designated by the state for support and improvement.
Families will play an important role in developing our School Improvement and Family Improvement plans, and will provide valued input on how we spend our resources.
  • Get family input on our school improvement plan in February.
  • Get family input on our family involvement plan in April.
  • Get family input on how we use our resources to support student achievement in May.
  • Host regular Site Council meetings on October 16, November 20, and February 14.
All school staff members, families, and students understand the important role they each play in making sure students achieve success at our school. PYC will accomplish this at our Student In-Take meeting.
  • Create a School-Parent-Student Compact, which is an agreement on the role each person will play to make sure the student is successful.
  • Get family input on our School-Parent-Student Compact.
  • Share our School-Parent-Student Compact with families.
All families understand how to support their students’ academic achievement. PYC will communicate this at each Student In-Take meeting.
  • Help families understand our school curriculum, state standards, assessments their students take, and how we measure student achievement and success.
  • Also, help families understand our school curriculum, state standards, assessments their students take, and how we measure student achievement and success.
  • Host the following academically-focused family events: October 16, November 21, and February 14.