Family Involvement Plan 2016-17Print

PYC Arts & Tech High School understands that parent and family involvement is vital to the success of our students and addressing the achievement gap. PYC strives to involve families in unique and creative opportunities throughout the school year.
  • We hold family nights at the midpoint of each grading period (4 times a year).
  • Use Title I funds to help fund endeavors like our family nights, and our parent academy.
  • Offer parent support/educational support from our social workers and Family/Community Liaison.
  • We attempt to have parents involved in their student’s intake at which time we talk about our program and policies and find out about the students needs.
  • We welcome and encourage all parents to participate in our Family Nights which meet twice a year. Parents are involved in creating family involvement events, and developing and discussing changes and improvements in the School Improvement Plan (SIP) and Family Involvement Plan. Transportation assistance is provided.
  • We have an open door policy for parents/guardians. All parents are welcome to observe classes and provide input into their child’s educational process.
  • We offer volunteer opportunities for parents/guardians throughout the year as well as special events and programming.
  • We encourage feedback from families through surveys which are mailed home twice a year.
  • Our College and Career Readiness Team encourage families to meet regarding their scholars future college and career plans. Workshops are held to support families in the FAFSA (financial aid) process for students planning to attend college.
Our annual Title I meeting is held in October as a breakout of our first family night and is led by the Director of Education. At this meeting, parents are informed of the schools Title I program and budget, including the right of parents/guardians to be involved in their child’s education and request information from the school regarding staff qualifications and “Highly Qualified” status.
We tell families about state standards, our curriculum and assessments, and our AYP Status by:
  • Written communication regarding testing days, graduation standards and providing copies of our grading and credit policies during the Student’s Intake.
  • Offering opportunities at each mid-quarter where the parents can view their child’s written work, inquire about curriculum and state standards.
  • Communicating to families at conferences and through newsletters, scholars grades, attendance, test scores, and other technical systems that are often confusing to students and parents.
  • Providing prompt responses to parents inquiring about their child’s academic progress or attendance data.
  • Phone calls home on a daily basis when students are absent.
  • We provide a respected community member as a Parent Liaison.
  • MAP results will be on students CLP (Continued Learning Plan) and discussed with families at conferences.
  • MCA & TEAE testing dates and results are mailed home informing parents of student’s progress.
Our staff learns about family involvement by:
  • Being encouraged to call parent/guardians weekly to give updates on academic progress, successes, or attendance.
  • Being required to attend staff in-service trainings on effective ways to communicate and get families involved in their child’s education.
  • Reading professional development articles on the importance of parent involvement in urban settings.
  • Social Workers call home to speak with parents about the challenges their child faces at home and how PYC staff and parents can work together to develop a coordinated plan for academic improvement.
  • PYC develops a Response Intervention Plan with parents and students who are not making adequate academic progress towards graduation. This includes setting up family meetings and phone conferences.
We communicate to families about the progress of their children by:
  • Mailing home grade reports at the mid-quarter and quarter marks, including attendance and tardiness data.
  • Offering quarterly open houses for parents to meet with teachers to discuss student progress at the midpoint of each quarter.
  • Making phone calls to parents/guardians to address academic concerns or triumphs.
  • Students not making acceptable academic progress are put on a RTI plans or attendance contracts. This includes phone conferences or family meetings to address concerns. These conferences include the parent, the student, the student’s homeroom teacher, a social worker and other community resources when appropriate.
We provide materials and training to help families help their children with school work by:
  • Offering one-on-one family conferences to go over academic content standards, transcripts, credit evaluations, and college forms like FAFSA and Post Secondary Education Options (PSEO).
  • Providing quarterly newsletters about parent involvement that are included in the quarter end reports.
  • Providing students with school supplies such as folders, pens, back packs and paper at the beginning of the year.
  • Upon request by student, teacher or parent students are provided with tutors in school for additional assistance in Math, Writing and Reading.
  • Honoring requests for special makeup work for students who have families with atypical situations that have impacted student attendance.
Families can request a meeting to provide input about the education of their own child or school improvement by contacting any one of these staff members:

Director of Education – John Peterson, 612-634-2025 or

Dean of Students – Michael Reynolds, 612-643-2021 or

College & Career Manager – Crystal Ruiz, 612-643-2045 or

Dean of Education – Sarah Wehrenberg, 612-643-2037 or

Family & Community Liaison – Lisa Carton, 612-643-2018 or

Other Important Information on Family Involvement

We ask all families to sign a compact that describes the responsibilities of the school, the student, and the family in promoting academic achievement. This compact is reviewed monthly by families.

Each spring, parents review the Family Involvement Plan, making amendments as they deem appropriate. We will collect and address any concerns that are raised about our Title I Plan or our School Improvement Plan.

Families can volunteer at the school by contacting our Family & Community Liaison (Lisa Carton). Family volunteering opportunities include, aiding the teachers in the classroom, participating in the lunch process, helping with miscellaneous clerical duties, helping to monitor halls, attending the school’s service-learning activities, chaperoning various field trips and participating in various school events such as graduation.

PYC scholars perform in theatrical performances throughout the year in our Capri Theatre. These activties are available to families at no cost.

Families are involved in the development and evaluation of:
What How Date Reviewed
Our Compact Intakes Ongoing
Our Family Involvement Plan Fall & Spring Family Breakfast October 2016 & April 2017
Our School Improvement Plan Attending Family Nights/conferences. Reading the Parent Friendly SIP. October 2016 & Quarterly
Our Title I Plan Title I meeting at Open House at the years first Midterm.Family Breakfast for reviewing the Title I budget and plan for the next academic year. October 2016

Annually each Spring

School Year Data Review and Upcoming School Improvement Plan Development All staff PLC and Family Surveys. Ongoing