Looking Forward

by Debra deNoyelles, Director of Development

Like everywhere else, PCYC’s plans changed abruptly in March 2020. When the pandemic hit Minnesota, we adapted quickly, delivering educational supplies to our students and families and working from our homes. Following the murder of George Floyd and the ensuing civil unrest, PCYC staff delivered supplies, volunteered at food shelves and worked on solutions for its wounded community. Now after six months of working offsite, our community is still reeling from the effects of the pandemic – in a recent meeting with a Hennepin County healthcare administrator, we learned that 19% of North Minneapolis COVID-19 tests are positive, compared to a 7% positive rate for the county. 

Even in this tumultuous time, we see promise and joy in the faces of our community. We find optimism in our grad rate – the highest in our school’s history. We find relief in the grateful voices of parents, and the sweet drawings from students in our K-5 program. And we are literally building confidence and hope brick by brick in the new Capri. On a recent tour through the Capri construction site someone said, “It feels good to be optimistic right now, doesn’t it?” It really does. 

We’d love for you to invest in the post-pandemic era, building a thriving future for North Minneapolis.  

Donate today, and thanks for your support.

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