In 2015, PCYC launched a capital campaign to renovate and expand the Capri Theater. With just $1.4M left to raise on the $12.5M goal, the Capri hosted a joyful groundbreaking celebration on October 17, 2019. Fundraising will continue throughout the 13-month construction period, so contribute today!

The new Capri Theater will open in 2020 with 20,000 square feet of new spaces, including:

  • A renovated theater auditorium with all new seating.
  • A Best Buy Teen Tech Center providing access to hands-on tech education for young people.
  • A Great Hall for performances and community events of all kinds.
  • A wood shop and fabric shop that expand maker-space capabilities.
  • Additional classrooms and multi-purpose spaces for youth and community use.
  • New public green space with a bike-friendly outdoor plaza.
Your support will help this North Minneapolis landmark reach even more youth, families and community members.


A Message from the Capri Teaching Artists

Greetings, friends.
Over the years we’ve watched the transformation of the Capri from a hollowed out theater with creaky old seats to a highly regarded venue for students, emerging artists, established performers and audiences.

This hasn’t been a mere transformation of the theater space. As teachers and performers at the Capri we see, every day, the life-changing, disparity-bursting, pride-building potential of this place.

That’s why completing the Capri Rennaisance is important to us. We know what this space was meant to be and what we can accomplish here.

Upgrading the Capri to a fully functioning theater with appropriate amenities and more classrooms will make an enormous difference to our students and teachers, our neighbors and fellow artists. And when we bring up the full contingent of lights on West Broadway many more people will come from far and wide to Be @ the Capri in North Minneapolis.

Please join us now to support and complete the Renaissance of this extraordinary place. Thank you.

Dennis Spears
T. Mychael Rambo
Kevin West
Greta Oglesby

"The Capri Theater’s after school teaching artists have given me the chance to be myself and to open up. They encourage me to spend time at the Capri so I can keep away from things or people I don’t want to be around. They’ve given me a new group of friends, and it’s been really good."

— Capri Theater Apprentice

"When you stand on the stage, you stand by yourself. You learn how to look people in the eye and say this is who I am. This is it. And I’m going to be the best me I can be."

— Capri Theater Apprentice

— Jon Limbacher, Managing Director and President,
The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra

“The Capri Theater is an essential partner in our efforts to serve more people in the Twin Cities. Their expanded space will allow us to work with them in new and innovative ways as we jointly seek to better serve the Northside community.”