February 1, 2021
Dear Bright Futures Families,
Last month, Minneapolis Public Schools (MPS) shared their plan to have students return to their classrooms for in-person learning. This letter is about our plan to have Bright Futures Youth
return to in-person learning after school.  We look forward to being together again!
Here’s what you need to know:

Who can participate:
  • Grade K-5 youth who are attending MPS classes in person

 Ages/Start Dates: 

  • Grades K-2 / Start Monday, February 22
  • Grades 3-5 / Start Monday, March 1


  • 2-5pm Monday through Friday (We ask that youth arrive directly from their school to PCYC by 3:30pm.)


  • PCYC, 2210 Oliver Avenue North, Minneapolis, MN  55411

 Transportation to PCYC:

  • Families will need to communicate with their youth’s school to arrange for their regular afternoon bus to drop them off at PCYC.

Transportation home from PCYC:

  • We ask families who are able to pick up their youth after Bright Futures (5pm, M-F) to please do so.
  • Transportation at the end of our programming day will be provided on a limited basis to youth who would not be able to attend Bright Futures without it.

 Health and Safety:

Bright Futures health and safety protocols are guided by the State of Minnesota’s Safe Learning Plan for 2020-21 and Minnesota Department of Health Guidance for Youth and Student Programs.

  • Students and staff will be kept in small groups that will stay together as much as possible throughout programming components and from day to day.
  • Each student will have their own set of supplies to avoid shared supplies.
  • Any shared materials and building spaces will be cleaned between uses.
  • Face coverings must be worn throughout program times.
  • Staff and students will be encouraged to wash hands upon entering and leaving classrooms and the PCYC building.
  • Frequent cleaning practices will be implemented for both common spaces and classrooms at PCYC.


  • Registration opens Tuesday, February 9. (NOTE: Families/Youth who complete registrations after February 12 may not be able to start on February 22.)
  • REGISTER online at: pcyc-mpls.org/bf2020-21/
  • All families/Youth need to register, including families who are receiving tutoring service virtually or who attended virtual activities at any time in the 2020-21 school year.
  • Registrations will be accepted based on staff availability and in accordance to Minnesota Departments of Education and Health guidelines.
Additional information regarding registration and health and safety can be found on our webpage at www.pcyc-mpls.org/bf2020-21 or call Jaleeza Smith-Breedlove, Bright Futures Program Director at (612) 643-2096.
We look forward to receiving your registration information – and seeing our youth in person – soon!
Jaleeza Smith-Breedlove

Bright Futures Health and Safety Protocols

Bright Futures health and safety protocols are guided by the State of Minnesota, Minnesota Department of Education (MDE), Minnesota Department of Health (MDH), Minneapolis Public Schools (MPS), and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). More information on each guide can be found here.

The decision to provide in person programming is based on several factors: COVID-19 infection rates, staff capacity, building readiness, the availability of personal protective equipment, and families’ preference. As these factors change, so will the operation of program and the options available to families.


To promote a safe program environment, routines will be in place to encourage:

  • Handwashing when entering and leaving the classroom or program space, with frequent handwashing in between.
  • Covering your mouth and nose with a tissue when individuals cough or sneeze
  • In addition, hand sanitizer, tissues, and appropriate cleaning supplies for high-touch surfaces will be readily available for use by staff, volunteers, and participants.
Face Coverings

Face coverings must be worn throughout the duration of the program for youth who are 5 years old or older, unless medical accommodations are needed. Face coverings may be temporarily removed in certain circumstances like eating and drinking. All program staff will required to wear face shields and face masks together at all times.


Classrooms will be set to maintain as much physical distancing as possible with a goal of maintaining a distance of 3 feet between children. 6 feet or more of physical distancing will be maintained between staff members and students.

When 6 feet cannot be maintained, staff members’ personal protective gear (face shields and masks) will reduce risks. Classrooms will be supplied with hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes. Sanitizer will be stored out-of-sight of children under six years of age. Shared learning supplies and materials will be disinfected by staff between uses. items that cannot be cleaned and sanitized will be removed by staff (examples include cloth items, games, art supplies and other learning aids).

High Traffic Areas

High traffic/touch areas such as tables, chairs, desks, doors and restrooms will be sanitized throughout the day by classroom staff and each night by custodial staff. Signs will be posted on walls and floors to help control traffic flow and to indicate physical distancing requirements in halls and stairways. Staff will monitor capacity of small spaces and allow 50% capacity. Water fountains will be wrapped and unavailable for use. Bottled water and refill stations will be available for use. Youth are encouraged to bring their own water bottle from home labeled with their name.

Meals and Snacks

Meals will be pre-packaged for individual use. Meals will be delivered to youth in their classrooms and eaten in assigned spaces. Masks will be removed at this time to allow for eating.


A child must not go to school, child care, or youth programs if ANY of these are true:

  • Tests positive for COVID-19
  • Shows symptoms of COVID-19
  • May have been exposed to COVID-19
  • Is waiting to get tested, is waiting for COVID-19 test results, or lives with anyone who has symptoms and is getting tested for COVID-19

Before youth attend program each day, families should check to see if their youth is not feeling well. If your youth is experiencing any of the COVID symptoms, please keep them at home and remember to call Bright Futures and inform the program director.