A Note From Anne Long

A Note From Anne Long

Dear Friends of PCYC,

With deep gratitude I dedicate this letter to the current and past members of the PCYC Board of Directors. As we prepare for our upcoming 65th annual meeting I am in awe of their collective vision, dedication, persistence and wise stewardship of this unique and successful nonprofit organization in North Minneapolis. 

In my 46 years as a PCYC staff member, I’ve always known the Board to carry out its duties seriously and effectively. They act in the best interest of the mission, adhere to financial and governance accountabilities, keep a keen eye on programmatic outcomes, and support, evaluate, and work in concert with the executive director.

That said, there are at least three more key PCYC board characteristics that are essential to our ability to weather storms and take advantage of opportunities to advance our work.

  1. Board members tell the story of PCYC’s accomplishments to everyone they know, with hope and excitement.  
  2. Board members often say that they receive more than they give through their board membership – and they rejoice in this reciprocal relationship.  
  3. Board members listen respectfully and take all ideas, opinions and values into consideration. Youth and community are always at the center of their decisions, along with the long-term sustainability of PCYC. Blame, gossip, and mean-spiritedness have no place in PCYC’s board room.

It is such a gift to have a board whose good intentions, support and wisdom we trust.  

Thanks to all who have served on our board of directors over the past 65 years. Special thanks to those who’ve taken leadership roles, and to Karen Polzin, our current board president. Her clear vision, passion for our work, and superb people and financial skills deftly guide us toward the future.

Karen and her leadership team make a big difference – as do you.  

Thank you, all.

Anne Long, Executive Director

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