A Note from Anne and Karen

Rich History. Bright future. Because We Believe.

Dear Friends of PCYC,

This year marks PCYC’s 64th year of service to children, youth and families in North Minneapolis. We celebrate the vision, commitment, courage, and persistence of all the people throughout our rich history who’ve believed in the mission of Plymouth Christian Youth Center and have acted selflessly and with great caring for Northside kids and families in need.

Today we still believe. Our mission to enrich the skills, prospects and spirit of North Minneapolis youth and adults, in partnership with families and communities, is vital and essential.

We believe, passionately, that children and youth in challenged situations can overcome their traumatic circumstances with love and effective programming, and that communities can recover from economic downturns, tornadic disasters, and poor livability conditions with adequate resources and support.

We believe in a favorite phrase of the late Pearl Husby, whose family philanthropy made many things possible at PCYC: “The difficult we can accomplish easily; the impossible just may take a little longer.”

And we believe there is no room for gloom or fear. We cannot let uncertainty dilute the effectiveness and force of our actions.

So we continue our work – to help kids enrich their skills and create bright futures, and to lift the prospects and spirit of our neighborhood through the expansion of the historic Capri Theater.

North Minneapolis has counted on PCYC to fulfi ll the promise of its mission for 64 years. We count on you, now as always, to reaffirm your commitment to PCYC and take action with us. Join us at the Annual Meeting on November 2. Make a donation to the Capri Capital Campaign. Support the Children’s Gift Sale. Continue to believe.

Thank you.

Karen Polzin, Board President                              Anne Long, Executive Director

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