A Ceremony of Transition

by Karen Polzin, PCYC Board President

March 22, 2021, is an important date in PCYC’s history. As of this day, Anne Long joins a distinguished group of former executive directors who have guided PCYC through 67 years of making a difference for youth, family and the community of North Minneapolis.

Thank you, Anne for your wise and sound leadership for the past 19 years. We are forever indebted to you for your deep caring, your passion for our mission, your calm, steady leadership, your relationships and networks that you have utilized, your nourishment for us in both body and spirit, your hospitality for all who have entered the doors at PCYC, and your beacon of hope, visibly seen in the candle of hope that you have kept lit for many years.  

We are honored to have served along with you as your board. There will be a proper celebration of your contributions in the coming months but tonight we say thank you for all you have done and for your continued commitment and willingness to assist in a successful transition.  

Chris Campbell, we welcome you and acknowledge you as our executive director as of March 22, 2021.  We are honored that you have chosen to work alongside us in ensuring that PCYC becomes the nexus of arts, education and community-building for North Minneapolis.  

We recognize that you will have a challenging job of carrying out challenging missions with limited resources and sometimes conflicting demands, in the midst of constantly evolving networks of organization and personal relationships.  We, as your board, are here to work with you and support you, and ask that you commit with us to PCYC’s operating principles:

  • To achieve life-changing results for program participants.
  • To adapt programs and activities to the times.
  • To create a welcoming, safe, and inclusive environment.
  • To serve as a vital community anchor, offering hope, leadership, and effective action.
  • To support the growth and well-being of staff, volunteers and community friends.
  • To exercise wise stewardship of the organization’s gifts and assets.

Welcome, Chris, and thank you, Anne!!

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