PYC Arts & Tech Staff

Name Title E-mail
John Peterson Director of Education
Crystal Ruiz College/Career Manager
Melisa Knofczynski Manager of Social Work Services
Michael Reynolds Dean of Students
Sarah Wehrenberg Dean of Instruction
Asha Belk School Social Worker
Angula Shande Plus Case Coordinator
Benjamin Dinnies Science Teacher
Chris Moen Social Studies Teacher
Christina Ashford Independent Study Coordinator
Chub Gilchrist Food Service/SET team
Cynthia Bryant Lead Behavior Specialist
Cynthia G. Engoulou English Teacher
David Boehnke Social Studies Teacher
David Tarleton Testing Coordinator
James Thomas SPED Teacher
Jeanette McNamara JAG Specialist
Jessica Lucas Math Teacher
Kelley Pribyl New Student Group   Teacher
Kevin Scharber Math Teacher
Kiana Batteau College and Careers Readiness Coordinator
Lisa Carton Office Manager
Mahjabeen Siddiqui Science Teacher
Nate Christen English Teacher
Rachael Goudeau SPED Teacher
Rob Griffin Behavior Specialist
Sarah Wurdeman Interdisciplinary Teacher
Scott Ottmar Tutor Coordinator/Reserve Teacher
Stephen Ketter Math Teacher
Tim Williams ALC Plus Coordinator
Xee Moua Kong School Social Worker