Meet Crystal Ruiz

By Crystal Ruiz, College & Career Manager

Greetings! I’m Crystal Ruiz, the College & Career Manager at PYC Arts & Tech High School. I’ve had the pleasure of working at PYC for the last 10 years. I manage a strong and compassionate team that consists of the School Offi ce Manager, College & Career coordinator, and our Food Service/Student Engagement Team Coordinator. Our team works with families to get students enrolled. We also help our students stay focused and on track, offer them healthy meals, and provide them with information regarding opportunities after high school.

I love working with students on exploring career and educational opportunities that they may not have known about. Opening doors of great possibilities motivates me as I know our scholars can strive to reach great heights. I see this growth every year as our scholars develop confi dence and drive to excel in their journeys after high school. For those worried about the costs of education after high school, we help students to complete fi nancial aid and scholarship applications so there is little or no cost to them or their families. Costs should not deter our scholars as they strive for success!

Every day I’m inspired by our scholars and our wonderful school staff. We’ve created a family culture and setting at PYC that provides a harmony and balance that is noticeable in our interactions with one another. PYC is truly a magical place!

In my spare time I love shopping at my co-op, going to the farmers market, playing with my cats, yoga/meditation and spending time with loved ones. Keeping a healthy mind, body and soul are of great importance to me!

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