Living Tributes

Living tributes honor and celebrate family and friends. Tributes and their donors from October 1, 2015 through April 19, 2017 are:

In honor of Dennis Spears
Jan & Steve Kirchner, John & Marj Wittenborg and Andrew & Anne Wittenborg

In honor of Dennis Spears
Steven & Jan Kirchner

In honor of PCYC Board Member Glory Kibbel
Kathy Kennedy & Bob Bertrand

In honor of Herb and Virginia Morgenthaler
Kristine Lamb

In honor of Anne Long
Jack & Sharlene Hauer

In honor of George Davidson
Alison Bailey

In honor of Herb Morgenthaler
Kiaja Klabo

In honor of Lucia Schroeder on Mother’s Day
Mark & Shannon Schroeder

In honor of Mark & Jackie Hegman
Jean & Randy Moskalik

In honor of Millie Holmgren
Donna & George Albrecht

In honor of Winnie Christenson’s 90th birthday
Ruth Christenson

In honor of Lee Hoon Benson’s service to PCYC
Jean & Roger Schwartz

In honor of of Bjorn Viktor Knapp (parents: Kari Morgenthaler Knapp and Mark Knapp), born 02/10/2016
Kathryn Schiltz

In honor of Jayanthi Kyle

In gratitude for Capri Glee
Linda C. Nelson

In honor of Reverend Hubert Nelson
Laurie & Steven Orlow

In honor of Marion Harris
Doug & Linda Jones


Memorials honor those who have passed away and memorials and their donors from October 1, 2015  through April 19, 2017 are:

In memory of Ruth Christine Johnson
Herb & Virginia Morgenthaler

In memory of Prince Rogers Nelson
Tasslyn Magnusson
Anne & James Long

In memory of David Paul Turgeon
Steve Germain
Michelle Germain

In memory of Al Kohls
Wayne & Jean Takeshita
Anne & James Long
Karyl Wilson
Kimberly Vappie
Mae Kohls

In memory of Alby Leithe
Joni Leithe

In memory of Bernice Maas
Larry & Elizabeth Drumm

In memory of Christina Ashford’s mother
Anne & James Long

In memory of Dan Vinge
Mark & Ronna Vinge

In memory of Joyce Boss
Ellen Smit

In memory of Lee Hoon Benson’s mother
Jean & Roger Schwartz
Anne & James Long
Brad & Lee-Hoon Benson

In memory of Pastor David Johnson
Martin Lerum

In memory of Erik Johnson
Martin Lerum

In memory of Pastor Bob Evans
Martin Lerum

In memory of Pastor John Midtling
Martin Lerum

In memory of Father Gerald Potter
Martin Lerum

In memory of Ronald and Lillian Blank
Susan & Ray Johnson

In memory of Andrew Rogness
Richard Pulcher

In memory of Larry Harris
Doug & Linda Jones

In memory of Reverend David A. Lee
Betsy Lee

In memory of Ruth Sterling
Charlotte Ley Riebe

In memory of Phyllis Johnson’s son
Phyllis Johnson