Living Tributes

Living tributes honor and celebrate family and friends. Tributes and their donors from October 1, 2016 through September 21, 2017 are:

In honor off “No Summer Slide!” in OST
Karen Goodenough

In honor of Anne Long
Charles & Peggy Arnason

In honor of Betty Powers
Joan Orth

In honor of Bud Dixen
James F. Hart

In honor of the dedicated Capri Theater team
Karl Reichert

In honor of Concordia College Alumni

In honor of Dennis Spears
Jan & Steve Kirchner, John & Marj Wittenborg and Andrew & Anne Wittenborg

In honor of Erik Froiland
Robert Froiland

In honor of PCYC Board Member Glory Kibbel
Kathy Kennedy & Bob Bertrand

In honor of Ham & Pearl Muus
Lucia A. Schroeder
Oz Anderson

In honor of Herb & Virginia Morgenthaler
Kari L. Knapp

In honor of Herb Morganthaler
James C. Erickson
Kathryn Schiltz

In honor of Jim & Rebecca WiInanen
Dyke V. Williams

In honor of Jim and Anne Long
Janet M. Hively
ChristIne SanguInet

In honor of Judy Holston on her retirement from MACC – Metropolitan Alliance of Connected Communities
Anne & Jim Long

In honor of Larry and Marion Harris
Doug K. Jones

In honor of Laurie and Steve Orlow
Hubert J. Nelson

In honor of Lucia Schroeder on Mothers’ Day
Mark Schroeder

In honor of Mary Delorié’s service on the PCYC board of directors
Herb Morgenthaler

In honor of Owen Turnlund
Eva and Mark Jeppson

In honor of Owen Turnlund
Ray Lundquist

In honor of the PCYC staff
Deborah Bauknight

In honor of Philip E. Larson
Lou Ann M. Larson

In honor of Ray Lundquist
Shelby Andress

In honor of Reverend Hub Nelson
Laurie N. Orlow
Mark Nelson

In honor of Stephen Ketter becoming a US citizen
Christine Sanguinet & Mark Downey
Anne & Jim Long

In honor of Zoe Bickford & Simon deNoyelles
Marion and Elizabeth Bickford


Memorials honor those who have passed away.  Memorials and their donors from October 1, 2016 through September 21, 2017 are:

In memory of Allen Starkey
Janice Starkey-Hilgenkamp

In memory of Andrew “Wooly” Rogness
Richard Pulcher

In memory of Andrew Engeldinger
Charles EngeldInger

In memory of Ann Roed
Gertrude C. LIndau

In memory of Rev. Bob Evans
Randy Evans Olson
Martin N. Lerum
Ted Thompson

In memory of Carl Feske
Robert L. Hewitt

In memory of Chris Ganzlin’s mother
Glory K. Kibbel

In memory of Dale O. Johnson
Nancy Johnson

In memory of Deloris Peters
Art Peters
Judith Catton
L. Darlene Rosholt
Joan Thoenne
Philip Schmidt

In memory of Rev. David Johnson
Martin N. Lerum

In memory of Donald L. Sime
Elaine Sime

In memory of Edna Cobb
Carole Erickson

In memory of Erik Johnson
Martin N. Lerum

In memory of Fr. Gerald Potter
Martin N. Lerum

In memory of Gloria Anderson
Gordon Anderson

In memory of Harold E. Medin
Jane Wahlberg & the Estate of Shirley A. Medin

In memory of Harold Bohn
Mary Jo Dailey

In memory of Jim Lundquist
Betty J. Lundquist
Sherry A. Lundquist

In memory of Jane Syftestad Huso
Jean Schwartz
Pat Swanson

In memory of Jean Olson
Susan R. Baysden

In memory of Joan Hodges
Ham Muus

In memory of John Hardy
Sharon L. Davis

In memory of Pastor John Midling
Martin Lerum

In memory of Kathy Bibus
Anthony Bibus

In memory of Kenneth Peterson
Robert L. Hewitt

In memory of Larry Harris
John and Sally Onstad

In memory of Pastor Larry Pratt
Martin Lerum

In memory of my mom Leah Veker
Rick & Barbara Elnes

In memory of Lois E. Molid
Sharon Davis, Larry & Maridel Naber,
Cindy & Charles Hardy, Bud & Irene Swaine,
Joy Schultz Trusler, and Bob Erness

In memory of Lorraine Gaard
Oakland Lutheran Church

In memory of Mike Johnson
Kimberly D. Johnson
Margaret & Julius Webster

In memory of Nancy Olseth
Cyndi Henderson

In memory of Paul Eid
Lois Eid

In memory of Philip E. Larson
Lou Ann M. Larson

In memory of Ronald & Lillian Blank
Susan J. Johnson

In memory of Ruth Christine Johnson
Marvin & Elaine Lofquist
Herb & VirgInia Morgenthaler

In memory of Ruth Murray
Martin N. Lerum

In memory of Ruth Sterling
Charlotte Ley Riebe

In memory of Ryan Gustafson
Cheryl J. Gustafson

In memory of Signe Smeby
Rolf C. Smeby

In memory of Stanton Stensrud
Betty Stensrud

In memory of Yvonne Ellingson
Skip Reeves